Friday, 15 July, 2011


1. Cocain person identified by hero
in his plastic leg because he is handicap

2. In telephone booth rowdy call to another phone call that is at beside only for with out direct contact. He torn his hundred half of note given to cocain supplyer.
Later if he show he will supply.

3. 4 Criminals are came in police dress and involve in escaping the top smuggler

4. Smuggler with binoculer observing the hero what he is doing. Hero putting important key on top bulb bowl that is observe by Smuggler and enter in that hotel kick the clerk and check register for hero room no. 303
but Smuggler sign his 5 goons enter into 310. Goon ask the prostetute where he is she told he is in bath room they start shoot with their guns. The person in bathroom died. The goons identified he is not their target. With in time hero came out and shooting those goons.
The Smuggler main target is to get the key at bulb bowl in hero room when hero getout from his room so Smuggler send the goons in anothers room.
Smuggler take the key and escped from hero but 5 goons are killed in hero hand.

5. Smuggle has one creativity he arrange gun at elbow point frontpersons think he has no gun but when necessary he shake his hand and open the gun for shooting

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