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How to Propose a Girl

So, you want to propose the girl you love. Every boy at one time or the other has to propose the girl of his dream. To propose a girl all you have to do is just to walk to her and say that you love her. But it is not as easy as it sounds, right? What if she denies your proposal? What if she reacts coldly to your proposal? How can you propose her the best way so that she wouldn’t decline your proposal? Many of us are known to lose goodnight’s sleeps over planning the best way to propose the girl he loves. In such situations one can always do with a little help and here we are to offer you the most desired guidelines on how to propose a girl. These are few simple tips but can help you to reach to your desired destination.

Be yourself: It’s very important that you stay as you are while proposing the girl. Do not try pretending something that you are not to impress her because eventually she will come to know the truth and most likely would break up for your lies. If you want your love story to become a success, being yourself while proposing is the best way. Keeping your proposal simple and straight forward is the best way to win the heart of your girl.

Follow tradition: The traditional way was developed because a girl can’t resist feeling special when a guy goes to his knees to propose her. It means a world to her. Although many guys have stopped using this traditional way of proposing but it is still the sure shot winner with girls.

You are special: The purpose of proposing is to make the person feel special. If she is the special one for you then why not make her feel the same way. You can create the ambience by taking her to her favorite restaurant, where you can request the band to play her favorite music and then pop the question at the right moment. You can add more drama by proposing with the ring in the champagne glass. She will be moved by your choice and is more likely to yes to your proposal.

Go loud: If you are sure of your feelings for her then why not make it a public knowledge. We know that love is a special feeling but proposing in public may even earn you a big round of applause. Also, when proposed in public she is less likely to say no to you. You can make a banner for her with the words ‘I love you’ scribbled across it and hang it in the neighborhood or school where she is most likely to see it. This will indeed make her feel special.

Reminisce: Take a trip down the memory lane. Take her to the place where you have met each other for the first time. You can even recreate the first day to pop your question. She will feel special by just knowing how much you actually remember about her. This will move her and at the same time would seal the moment in her memory.

Love is in the air: Some people are taking it to the next level. They are actually writing the name of their loved one in the sky. If you can afford it there are many sky writing companies now available in the market who would write your message in the sky at your request. This would make your girl feel special and top of the world and who can decline a proposal when it is done in this special way.

Plan a romantic evening: Take a romantic walk or drive her down to the nearest beach and then ask for her hand. You can have her favorite music playing at the background while uttering those three magical words. She will surely melt. If she had a long day, you can even offer her a relaxing massage before popping your question. She is likely to give it a better consideration when she is relaxed.

Do what she wants: On that special day (it is special for you since you have decided to propose her on that particular day) avoid doing things she doesn’t approve of. You would definitely want her in her best mood when you ask her to marry you. When she will see that you are trying hard to please her, she is more likely to be impressed at your effort.

Propose on a special day: Is it her birthday? Or, is the graduation day nearing? You can plan to propose her on a special day. If it is her birthday, be the first one to greet her and eventually pop your question. She would clearly see how special she is for you. You can also plan a party or a movie date on that day to make it a complete experience for her.

If you are finding it hard to decide for a special day, you can safely choose Valentine’s Day for that purpose. On this date nothing can go wrong since it is the day of love. You can propose her simply with a bunch of red roses or heart shaped balloons.

Be spontaneous: Well, being spontaneous can also do the trick for you. If you are too nervous to make all the planning then just be spontaneous and pop the question to her on the next opportunity. However, a little forethought on what she would like and dislike may help you in avoiding embarrassing situations. If she doesn’t like to be proposed in public then take her to a quite place and tell her the three magical words.

Do things together: Do you both enjoy camping? Then you can go to camping together on your favorite camping location and ask her to marry you on a cozy romantic moment. You can also go to your knees, holding a red rose for her and ask her the question.

Surprise her: Not matter how old is she; no girl can help feeling thrilled on receiving a surprise gift. Nothing is most romantic than proposing your girl with a solitaire engagement ring. Make her discover the ring at the most unexpected moment. However, you don’t have to go overboard with the surprise gift. You can also keep it simple by gifting her flowers or chocolates. If she truly loves you she will understand the feelings behind it and wouldn’t judge the gift on it monetary value.

Make it funny: If she loves humor then you may try a prank on her. But just remember not to cross the limit; otherwise you could be risking the future of your relationship. You may hide her favorite purse somewhere a leave clues on how she can find it. Then when she opens the bag she would get your message written inside it.

How to make sure that your proposal don’t get denied

Many of the guys spend countless sleepless night thinking- what if she declines my proposal? We know that proposing a girl always involves great amount of uncertainties. It is not easy to understand the feelings of a person before those are actually spoken. However, you can avoid disappointment if you pay attention to the below mentioned factors.

Pick up hints: Pick up hints from conversations. See whether or not she is comfortable at your company, whether or not she is enjoying talking to you. Girls are fond of guys who can engage them in interesting talks. If she enjoys going out with you and spend time talking to you over the phone then she is most likely interested in you.

Body language: We might not recognize it but our body language speaks more than we intend to. When you are taking her out on a date, try to study her body language. If she is sitting with her legs crossed and maintaining eye contact then she is most likely waiting for you to ask her the question. When you sense she is in the right mood, be confident and ask her the question. Your request won’t be declined.

Be confident: Yeah, it is not easy to be confident when you are asking the question of your life but confidence is the key to success. Girls like confident guys but if you are nervous then you are not giving confidence to her either. It may make her feel that you are not certain about your decision and have doubts in your mind. It may even make her think twice before accepting your proposal, which is certainly not a desirable situation.

Act like a gentleman: Do you know why girls are more drawn towards men than boys? It is because of the air of assurance that they carry with them. Girls long for safety and security and men are more likely to evoke such feelings in them than a boy. So, if you have decided to propose a girl, act like a gentleman.

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